Where do we go? 2013-2014 edition

The good thing about being at the start of this project is that our options are wide open. We have the luxury of choosing the timeframe and have more destinations available.

We would have liked to hit Tampa Bay and Miami during the holidays, but couldn’t create an itinerary that worked for us. The Habs will also hit these two cities end of March, and that time it would have worked better, but we sort of fell in love with the idea of going south during the holidays, so we decided to wait another year before going to Florida.

Nashville in December was also under consideration, but we’d love to take an extra couple of days to go to Memphis and visit Graceland. We couldn’t make that many days work at that time, so we fell back on Washington on November 22. We almost booked for the week after; luckily I realized this would be during Thanksgiving! Flights would have been much more expensive.

I also want to go to Joe Louis Arena. It was announced last month that the city of Detroit announced the construction of a new arena for the Red Wings (aren’t they bankrupt?) and I want to visit this legendary building before they shut it down, so March 27 2014 has been added to the list!

I also read that the New-York City council has approved shutting down Madison Square Garden in 10 years. So seeing the Rangers at home is now a high priority. Probably next year.

Now that I’m writing this blog about our travels, expect more pictures, and more stories about the arenas we visit than what I wrote about our first two trips!

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