Why are we here?


The plan is simple: to see a game in every arena in the NHL. 30 31 games, 30 31 teams, 30 31 cities, all over Canada and the US. How hard could it be? (Thanks Vegas for making this longer, and soon Seattle will put it at 32)

This blog is about my adventures travelling to games across North America, about the arenas, the hockey culture of the fans, and the cities. Hopefully lots of pictures too.

Why do I do this? You’ll find more info on my About page, but it all boils down to one thing: my love for hockey.

Pittsburgh, PA: PPG Paints Arena, March 31st 2018 (12 of 31)

This one won’t be easy

I’ve always said that in this endeavour to visit every NHL arena, the game was secondary to the experience and the adventure of the trip. This attitude was quite helpful when our trip to Pittsburgh took an unexpected turn.

We knew we were cutting it close by flying in on the day of the game, so we booked a 6:00 flight that would get us to Pittsburgh at 10:30, via Toronto. A 6AM flight always sounds like a good idea when you’re making the reservation: not so much when you get up at 2:30 to get to the airport on time to catch your flight.

Still, we were right on schedule, even though the lines at security were quite long. The 99 minute layover in Toronto would give us enough time to go through customs, then once in Pittsburgh, we’d have most of the day to visit the town. Our one definitive plan was to visit the Andy Warhol museum, and we’d improvise for the rest. Continue reading

Back to Ottawa for the NHL 100 Classic

Getting there

Our initial plan was to go to Winnipeg this fall but I missed the onsale time and tickets for the Habs visit were sold out by the time I tried to buy some. That’s not something that happens to me often, but I think I was meant to reconsider our itinerary.

I’ve always wanted to see an outdoor game, and the fact that an historic one was to take place two hours away from Montreal should have been an easy choice from the start. Call it fate, call it karma: my box office blunder turned into a positive in the end. Continue reading

Tampa, FL: Amalie Arena, April 1st 2017 (11 of 31)

Destination: Sun

Our plane left Montreal early in the morning, leaving behind the sleet and snow that had fallen all night. With the regular NHL season rapidly coming to an end, and the playoffs looming, we were definitely ready for spring weather. We touched ground in Charlotte, North Carolina’s largest city, and already the scenery was looking better. A short connecting flight took us to Florida, where upon exiting the plane in Tampa, the heat hit us briefly, chased by the intense cold of the air conditioning inside the terminal. A few minutes later, the sun welcomed us to what is summer weather for Canadians. This day was already off to a good start. Continue reading

Chicago, IL: United Center, November 13 2016 (10 of 31)

Chicago. The Windy City. As one of the most important and iconic cities in the United States, Chicago was a city we were really looking forward to visit. As a sport town, Chicago also ranks as a premium destination, and as luck would have it, our visit came on the heels of the Cubs’ historic World Series win. The Blackhawks aren’t slouches either, with 3 Stanley Cups in the last 6 years, and currently at the top of the Western Conference, a spot they’ve grown accustomed to.

The Canadiens have struggled for years in Chicago, so despite a 3 point lead at the top of the NHL standings, we knew it wouldn’t be an easy game, especially after having played the night before. But we knew we’d get a great hockey game on this trip. Continue reading

Raleigh, NC: PNC Arena, April 7th 2016 (9 of 30)


Sometimes things do not turn out the way you intended. I booked this trip back in October, while the Habs were ruling the NHL. For this next to last regular season game, I had visions of momentum for the playoffs, or maybe even a fight for a spot in the post season dance. But that’s not how things would play out.

The Habs lost star goaltender Carey Price early on to a knee injury, and the wheels came off the cart quickly after that, with the team’s deficiencies suddenly exposed. Even before injuries started piling up (the line up that hit the ice for this game was mostly made up of players who started the season in the AHL), the team struggled with offense, and for a while seemed unable to catch a break. On the Hurricanes side, while a few points ahead of the Habs in the standings, they were also out of contention, having liquidated a few veterans at the trade deadline.

So this game was, in all essence, meaningless. Or was it? During the week leading to the game, there was a lot of chatter that the Carolina Hurricanes would be relocated to Quebec City during the summer. If that came to pass, we would have attended the last NHL game in Raleigh. As I write this, no further rumours have come out and Canes owner Peter Karmanos strongly denied the rumours. We’ll see I guess.

I always say that the game is just an excuse for a trip, an opportunity to visit a city I would not have gone to otherwise. This trip would serve as the perfect example. Continue reading

Toronto, ON: Air Canada Centre, September 26th 2015 (8 of 30)

To say the Toronto Maple Leafs have been having a dry spell would be an understatement. Their performance in the last decade has been dreadful, but they still manage to sell out the Air Canada Centre despite some of the highest ticket prices in the league. Last season would have been a good time to save some money as season ticket holders were getting rid of their tickets to the last games of the season, but I couldn’t manage a trip on those dates.

So when I got their email newsletter touting on sale dates for pre-season games, I decided to go for it since: tickets were WAY cheaper (I got second row seats for less than the price of regular season nosebleeds), I love watching the rookies play, and the Habs would play there on a Saturday. Hey, when the stars align like that, I go with the flow. Toronto it is!

We flew in on Porter Airlines which is a great airline, and, most importantly, uses the Billy Bishop Airport located downtown, which meant that with a quick (free) shuttle ride, we’d be at Union Station, which is on the same block as the Air Canada Centre. We went as a family: my son and I wore Habs t-shirts, and I had my “Leafs Suck” hat in my bag. I fully expected some grief from Leafs fans, but as we exited the airport, one man looked at my son and said “Your parents are raising you right, buddy, rooting for the right team”. So much for the grief part. I’d later get applause from another Habs fan on the street. Continue reading

Newark, New Jersey: Prudential Center, April 3rd 2015 (7 of 30)

End of season games are a crap shoot when you’re buying your tickets early: they can be a hard fought battle for a playoff spot, or turn out to be a meaningless game. This game was the latter as the Devils were officially eliminated from the post-season dance. The Habs were flirting with first place in the East, but it didn’t seem that important in the grand scheme of things. But we were set on enjoying our trip regardless of the game’s importance or outcome.

We set out by car early on the Friday of the game, and were quickly at the border. Unfortunately, there were a lot of vehicles leaving for the Easter weekend, and it took us an hour to get through.Fortunately, we were waived through by the custom agent in mere seconds! Luck was on our side.

The drive through the Adirondacks is always nice because of the spectacular view, but as we’re sort of between winter and spring, it was more drab than usual. Oh well, good music and conversation passed the time. We made good time and arrived in Newark towards the end of the afternoon. I expected the area around the Prudential Center to be mostly office buildings, but driving along the river to get to downtown, we were shocked to see how run down the city is. There were a lot of dilapidated buildings, and general disrepair. It got slightly better as we approached the Prudential Center, but we had to go around a few blocks to get on the correct side of Broad Street to reach our hotel, and we drove through streets that didn’t look very safe. It’s clear that people aren’t rich in this area. Continue reading